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About us

“Soyevyi vik”: Quality with experience

For the last twenty years, the founder of the private soybean breeding in Ukraine, the company "Soyevyi vik" has been dealing with breeding of new high-yielding varieties without the use of genetically modified organisms. In the arsenal of the company there are the following:

• long-term experience of seed-growing performance;

• thorough analysis of the genetic characteristics of plants;

• high professionalism of the team of breeders;

• large collection of new perspective soybean lines,

• as well as the tireless work for the development and improvement of scientific results in the field of plant breeding.

Today 10 unique soybean varieties bred by "Soyevyi vik" are listed in the National Register of Plants in Ukraine, 7 varieties are registered in Russia, 3 - in Belarus, 4 - in Kazakhstan and one variety is registered in Moldova.

The mission of the scientific breeding seed-growing firm "Soyevyi vik" is the development of new soybean varieties that are characterized by:

  • * absence of genetically modified organisms;
  • * high yield potential;
  • * resistance to diseases and pests;
  • * adaptation to different growing conditions;
  • * high resistance to drought;
  • * resistance to lodging;
  • * resistance to cracking during ripening and falling out of seeds;
  • * high attachment of lower pods;
  • * high protein and oil content;
  • * suitability for organic farming.

Our goals:

- cultivation of high-quality seeds in compliance with the varietal purity;

- the use of modern technologies of soybean cultivation;

- guarantee of quality seeds.

In addition, the objectives of our company are the proposition of high reproduction seeds, consulting about sowing technology of soybeans, the implementation of high-quality seed cultivation and promotion of partnership programs.

The team of highly qualified professionals on a daily basis helps our company to stay a benchmark in the industry. Our success is a symbiosis of proven quality and multiyear experience, which contribute to achieving our goals to the maximum extent. Improvement of the results is the main focus of our activity.


After all, our development is for you!

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