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Beware of fakes!

"Without quality seeds harvest will not" - this truth has known for a long time to become an everyday motto for Ukrainian agrarians. However, each year some farmers come on the same rake, buy cheap, and sometimes not at all, poor quality, fake seeds.

How to start sowing? Farmers carefully select their farms in the rotation crops of plants. They are determined with the varieties, areas of crops. However, sometimes it does not hurt to spend a half hour and update data on the producers and distributors of seeds, because it can save a significant loss of yield. Top seed companies offer various methods of protection against counterfeiting.
Guide to the purchase of quality seed.
In order to get quality seeds should be checked:
- Do business entities the right to reproduction and sale of seeds;
- Is the manufacturer from whom you plan to purchase seeds in the National Register of Seed and seed;
- Is there a passport, the original patent for the production or reproduction of elite seeds;
- Is there a certificate for a batch of seeds, which delivers directly to the seed inspection at the location of the manufacturer.
The company, cultivating seeds, should receive from the originator of the license agreement for the right to the cultivation and sale of seed respective culture. Note that this license agreement is required to be registered with the Regional Inspectorate for the Protection of Plant Varieties.
Only after a thorough check can be sure that you get quality seeds from certified farms.
When should arouse suspicion.
The potential buyer must be doubts seeds, if the seed offers a "new" company, always with the recommendation of "respectable people" at the local level. In a company there is always a full range of products from any country of origin, particularly popular among consumers, for example, the United States and the European Union. Such seeds are usually all of the same bag. "Manager" of such firms are mainly private entrepreneurs, which leave only a mobile phone number. Usually, this firm provides a "good" service: delivery of seed to the gate of the buyer, not the warehouse, so as not to know, where do counterfeit. Very often bring bags to the show and the sample, sometimes even such first sacks are original, but then, after the payment, deliver already adulterated seeds. In addition, "firmachi" can (not disinterested!) Collude with middle managers responsible for the purchase of seeds in large farms. As a rule, the majority of the calculations carried out for cash, and in case of non-cash payments provide details of one-day firms. As the price of imported seeds are 30-40% higher than in Ukraine, besides the seeds need customs clearance, and that the additional costs, it makes no sense to buy expensive seeds abroad to Ukraine to sell cheaper.
In our country, the problem of falsification of seeds is very important. Unfortunately, the state can not protect the landowner from the acquisition of low-quality seeds. Therefore, we advise farmers on their own seeds to authenticate using the above "road map".
Most often falsify those varieties which are most in demand on the market of seed. NSSF "Soy Century" has a problem with the facts of falsification of soybean varieties own selection. Most often sold adulterated seeds ultrarannego soybean variety "Anna." In our opinion, about 15-20% of the area planted with soybeans varieties "Anna" seeded forgery that in the seed market in Ukraine offer crooks. They sell soybean seeds, only superficially similar to the seeds of the popular varieties and even did not like, and sometimes genetically modified, which have varietal purity and can be used only for processing. People turn to us farmers affected by falsification of soybean seeds called "Anna". They make claims about the non-compliance resulting characteristics of the ultra-fast soybean varieties: later ripening, cracking, level of productivity. Communicating with them, we learn that the seeds were purchased from fraud at a price that has not always been lower than ours. It would be appropriate to recall the wise proverb: "miser pays twice", and in agriculture and more, not to mention the lost valuable time.
We always emphasize that only the originator of our seed varieties of soybeans are scientific breeding and seed company "Soya century" (Kirovograd). For sale seed selection PE NSSF "Soya century", our company has established a separate division - the company "Trading house" Soya century. "The trading house specializing in direct sales and breeding of soybean seeds, and pays special attention to the implementation of the second reproduction of soybean seeds that can reduce trafficking in counterfeit market of Ukraine.
Today the market is selling soybean seeds can be seen advertising of "our partners", offering the seeds of soybean breeding NSSF "Soya century." But to get the original seeds of our selection is possible only in the event that the payment will be made to the account "Trading house" Soy Century. "For more information about the range of our soybean seeds soybean varieties and how to avoid scams when purchasing you can get our regional leaders.
We have a good, generous crops on your land, and to learn about the counterfeit seeds only by hearsay.


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