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Soya - refute myths

We have heard several times that grow soy - it is bad, are a few general strange arguments that we refute.

The arguments were as follows:
- Soy disadvantageous in terms of economic development of Ukraine;
- Soy do only soy meat that is not useful and not in demand in Ukraine, where the percentage of vegetarians (the only people who need soy meat), though not calculated, but probably not more than 1-2% (in Poland and the Czech Republic);
- The cultivation of soy is harmful to the soil and then it is impossible to grow anything else.
But first, let's understand that it generally is - soybeans. Soya - is a plant of the legume family, outwardly similar to beans. It is known that it is one of the oldest edible crops in the world. The last sentence in itself refutes the second argument "large soybean experts," but let him write out in detail.
Each soybean seed contains 35-45% protein, 17-25% fat, 1-2% lecithin, 5-6% ash and vitamins. At the same carbohydrate it is relatively little - 27-34%. Therefore, this culture is often used to make nutritional therapy: for patients with diabetes, tuberculosis, gastritis. Besides soy meat, soy makes cereals, flour, soy milk, soy cheese, Okara, tofu, oil and animal feed. Due to high content of protein, soy is a real lifesaver for livestock - it is added to the feed. Thus, it is smaller than the protein products causes gastric juice, so it is given to patients with gastritis.
We would like to say about soy meat, which they say that it is tasteless and useless. But for some reason do not remember, that unlike meat of animal origin, soy meat does not contain cholesterol, it has a vital minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and B vitamins and vitamin E.
If we talk about the feasibility of this crop for the Ukrainian economy, it is not only not harmful, but can save the state of our agro and export potential. Soy is one of the most important products in the US and Europe, which is mainly used for feeding purposes, and representatives of these countries are willing to pay huge sums for Ukrainian organic soybeans.
If you noticed, there was only one unrebutted argument. And he certainly is one of the most bizarre statements that we have heard. After all, many scientists proved that soy helps soil fertility, as it enriches them with plenty of nitrogen. According to the academician Babic SA, United States, due to the introduction of soybeans in the rotation (in 2000 - 29 million. Ha), received 40% of the growth of economic efficiency of agriculture. As oilseeds, soy can be an alternative to the negative impact on the fertility of the soil mass cultivation of sunflower in Ukraine.
These are bright prospects gives us useful for food, soil and soybean economy. But it was to harvest the maximum, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in the cultivation of this crop. Firstly, it is a culture monsoon climate and require high temperatures and large amounts of fluid...
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