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Welcome to "Soyevyi vik"

«Sojevyj Vik» today – is a company with a multisided sphere of interests which has its own material base. «Sojevyj Vek» successfully passed certification by the Swiss IMO body for compliance of demands of the European standarts in organic production and according to the certificate seeds of soya got the “Organic” status.


Among the main principles of the company are honesty,responsibility, ability to find comprehension and provide a qualified assistance. All the industry of the company are guided for:

  • - nurturing of highly  productive sorts of soya,without using genetically modified organisms and which are good for using in organic agriculture;
  • - nurturing sorts of soya for alimentary industry – these sorts has lightyellow capsule with light color through and has high maintance of protein;
  • - adaptation of the sorts of soya for different climatic zones;
  • - advancement of programs for combined growth of soya for execution seed material;
  • - perfection of graded agricultural methods of growing;
  • - selling competitive seeds, which are conform to European demands for organic production,quality of which will satisfy agriculture manufacturers,either in Ukraine,or in other countries;
  • - the introduction of new improved programs of loyality.

The company can be proud of its progress. It has created a new variety of soya, which is named “Annushka”, which successfully passed state quality testing and was registrated in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Starting from 2008 till nowadays this variety of soya occupies the biggest area of planting (almost the fifth part of the whole plantings in Ukraine and 24% of sorts Ukrainian originators) and it is the absolute leader among 106 sorts of soya of Ukrainian and foreign selection. This sort was raised specially for organic land tenure.The  “ Sojevyj Vek”  team continue to create productive sorts of seeds. Annushka and Anastasia considered to be the national standarts in groups highly early and middle early sorts of soya. They are creating in such a way to satisfy different demands of agricultural manufacturers.
The sorts of soya of our selection are characterized as sorts with the increased stippling of beans (much of them has 3-4 seeds) and has high genetic potential in plants production. The sorts of soya are steady for layering, bursting beans and eruption of seeds, has high field steadiness for complex of sicknesses and increased steadiness for drought. “Soyevyj Vek” works out and improves elements of growing technology. They select deadlines and norms of sowing,width of row-spacing for getting the best index of productivity, taking into account the peculiarity of every sort.

The values of the company are:

  • - Professionalism – we want to correspond to expectation of our clients at most;
  • - Reputation – wee lead the honest business and accomplish our liability;
  • - The team – our collaborators make the company successful and it is its main value.

Our partners understood that the contribution with “Soyevyj Vek” is a guarantee of a productive result.

“Soyevyj Vek” company continues to work for you.

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