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One of the main objectives of the company "Soyevyi vik" is to provide producers with seeds of high quality and varietal purity in a close tandem of science and industry.

Varietal purity is an extremely important indicator of seed quality. However, it is very difficult to check this characteristic visually. Buying non-certified soybean seeds or interacting with unverified suppliers, farmers and agricultural holdings put themselves at the risk to become victims of fraud. Purchasing poor quality seeds will result in serious losses of time and finances.

The company "Soyevyi vik" offers agricultural holdings the affiliate program on the co-cultivation of soybean seeds of our varieties to ensure agricultural holding’s own enterprises with quality seed material and gain profit from the sale of seeds surplus to other buyers. With this type of cooperation, we guarantee high quality seeds in a compliance with varietal purity.

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We are looking forward for mutual cooperation!

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