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Soybean variety "Mavka"

Soybean variety "Mavka"

Category: Sort of soy

Maturity group- 00 – early

Soybean variety “Mavka” is included in the National List of Plants of Ukraine in 2013. Also it is registrated in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan.

This variety is recommended for  in all climate zones of Ukraine.

The main peculiarity of “Mavka” is its increased number of pods on plant and high resistance to seeds falling.      


Maturity group

00 – early

Climate zone

All climate zones

Period of vegetation


98-100 days

Amount of active temperature


Type of growth


Form of bush


Semi compressed

Colour of hairs


Height of plants

80-110 сm.

Middle quantity of nodes on stem

10-15 it.

High of attachment of lower pod

15-20 сm.

Form of leaf


Colour of flower


Colour of seeds covering


Hilum colour

yellow with an eye

Beginning of blossoming

30 days

Beginning of blossoming-ending of blossoming

32 days

Ending of blossoming-absolute ripening

36 days

Young crops-ending of ripening

98 days

Crop yield (by dampness of 14%)

up to 4 t/hа

Mass of 1000 seeds


170-200 g

Resistance to diseases


1 point

Resistance to plant pests


0-1 point

Uniformity of grain


Protein content


Oil content 19-22%

Depth of crops


3-6 сm

Norm of seeding

550-650 th. of puffy seeds

Recommended distance between rows

45 сm


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